Our Story

The Mediterranean — where people and nature live in harmony and life expectancy is longer than average. This is where I spent my summers with my family, a place where natural, organic, and sustainable is the standard. One of my favorite memories was making After Sun Balm along with my mom, we used to gather St John's Wort, mix it with extra virgin olive oil and leaving it in the sun for 40 days to let it infuse. This creating a natural and effective remedy to protect the skin from the summer sun.

When I came to the United States, I soon realized that the organic product standard that had been present my whole life, was different here in the US. Natural, organic, and sustainable products where not that easy to find, so I decided to start bringing inspiration and ingredients from my heritage— to create a skin care line I would truly know to be clean and healthy.

My mission became to share the benefits and the golden standard from the Mediterranean with the world. And so Mediterranean Botanicals was born — a new line of natural skincare formulated with clean ingredients that respect your body and the environment.