Our Family Passion

The Mediterranean — where people and nature live in harmony and life expectancy is longer than average. This is where Sanja Joksovic spent her summers with her family, a place where natural, organic, and sustainable is the standard. One of those memories was when they used to gather St John's Wort and let it dry in the sun, before mixing it with freshly pressed olive oil in order to create natural and effective after sun remedies, to protect the skin from the summer sun.

Upon immigrating to the United States, Sanja soon realized that the standard that had been present her whole life was different in her new home. It was impossible to find natural, organic, and sustainable products; products she could trust were safe. She started to bring products from her hometown—products she knew were clean and healthy.

Now, Sanja is sharing the benefits and the golden standard from the Mediterranean to her new home. Mediterranean Botanicals is born — a new line of natural skincare formulated with clean ingredients that respect your body and the environment.  

Sanja Joksovic — Founder, CEO